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jessieroseanne | Age: 28 | Sex: f
my names jessie!! im 27 years young =] gym shopping ...
confettidreams | Age: 25 | Sex: f
Baltimore is where I'm from, Wake Forest is where I currently reside. I love the Beatles more than most things in life. ...
frosty1191 | Age: 19 | Sex: f
Hailstormhaylee | Age: 26 | Sex: f
I have loved with every piece of me. I have lost. I have hated. And I have loved shallow. I am strong and independent. I am at times weak and dependent. There is a story to my life I respect ...
trunative89 | Age: 28 | Sex: f
If you really want to know just message me :) Kik: tru_native89 Facebook: ask Instagram: tru_native89...
dkiaslg | Age: 14 | Sex: f
mandapanda94 | Age: 23 | Sex: f
Hi! My name is Amanda, i'm 21 and i have a sister who is 20....
sarbear445 | Age: 23 | Sex: f
Not from california actually from Toronto, Canada. ...
ChristinaLanaye | Age: 27 | Sex: f
ashlylee | Age: 26 | Sex: f
**** you. i'm offended by buddypic's profane censorship....

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