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Total Votes: 1685 Rating: 7.55
Username: mcf1
Online Status: Currently Offline
Age: 29
Gender: Male
State/Region: TX
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Forum Posts: 163
Signup Date: Monday, January 17, 2005
Last Login: Thursday, January 11, 2018
everything you read below, i wrote when i was 12. i\'m 24, i live in seattle, just moved from austin, and honestly i\'m a load of fun. hit me back with something tight. don\'t read the stuff down there , which who does. so, what up hollar back

If you're guna look at my page, do not give me a one.

im not gay or emo or retarded. im max, and thats all ill ever be
im not that kool
but i would definitely give your boyfriend a run for his money.
And I'm really not that arrogant, im simply goofy.. in a lessthanthree is a cocky, conceited sorta way :|

I wish i could meet those people who give others ONES... do unto others as you would have them do unto you..
i like playing guitar.. alot
i like climbing trees.. and gymnastics
i like playing monopoly with my sister and winning so she gets mad
i like that my best friend is a wetback
i like stepping on towels when i get out of the shower and getting yelled at when i dont hang them back up
i like when random people ask me if i wana have sex.. it gives me assurance :)
i like pole vaulting.. alot
i like COD even though i judge people who play video games
i like my cereal in the morning
i dont think life is perfect. I feel that through unfortunate and inevitable mishaps are precisely what circulate the mass cultural delussion that we live in a perfect world. We don't; Open your eyes, getting high during the day is a waste.
i think i'm guna work at starbucks next... yeah..
i like when people read this unknowing if its true they give me 10s b/c in some way or form im a little like them.


i like the ladies forum
i like that even if this isn't funny, its all true
i love god, and being a christian
i like alot of music.

Seriously bp me a band name of which you feel i'm unfamiliar.
One of two things could happen.. I've heard of it in which case i've surprised you!
Or I haven't and i've just been told about a new/upcommin/possibly enjoyable band to listen to; on top of getting a conversation started
i dont like when someone rates me a 1
i dont like that im alergic to Dogs and Cats (but i do love my puppies!)
i dont like school
i dont like when people talk ghetto oR lIkE dIsS, fEel mE.. dAwG.
i dont like America's driving situation. Ignorant people shouldn't be allowed to drive. It's that simple.
i dont like that ive been dating someone for 5 years.. but its ok we broke up
i dont care much for rebekah jacobson
i dont like when people abbreviate on aim
i dont like when i get bps and the person says somethin nice, but then they're ugly
i dont like judging or getting judged
i dont like garden ridge
i dont like waking up
i dont like work. I'm pretty unstable. Seriously my collective track record in the work history would impress you. minimum wage can suck it. Engineere here i come.
i dont like when people think im shallow.. uh lets focus on society shall we? Are you in one? pf get over here you egotistical bastard, we all judge one another! Object is to save face.
i dont like that it never snows in texas
i dont like knowing that i failed a test while im taking it
i dont like sweaters that are too small. Emo kids are overrated. Smile dude.. look at all the butterflies.
i dont like when people take my stickers off of my rubix cube
i dont like how it's so difficult to decide on a major.
I'm not opposed to recieving your truly flattering pictures in a bp.

p.s. i never update this so if you care to comment please do.

Have a good night :)[COLOR=deeppin

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